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ACIB Session - Industrial biotechnology from fundamentals to practice

Animal, veterinary and agricultural biotechnology


Biocatalysis and enzyme engineering

Bioeconomy and public perception

Biofuels, biochemicals and bioenergy

Bioprocessing and bioengineering

Bioremediation and biodegradation


Biotherapeutics and vaccines

BioToP Session -Biomolecular Technology of Proteins

Cell cultures for in vitro testing of drugs

Cosmetics: biotechnology for beauty

Diagnostic tools and biomarkers

Downstream processing

EFB-AFOB joint event

Environmental biotechnology

General biotechnology

Genome editing


Genomics of cereal crops


Highlight event - Bioeconomy and biobusiness

Highlight event - Cellulosome and beyond

Highlight event - Patenting in biotechnology


Industrial biotechnology

Mammalian cell factories

Spectroscopic and other structural biology techniques

Metabolic modelling and engineering

Metagenomic applications

Microbial cell factories

Microbial response to stress

Microbiome and diet/and agriculture

Molecular tools and bioinformatics


Nucleic acid technologies

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology

Polymer biotechnology

Precision medicine

Protein and antibody engineering


Recombinant protein production and purification

Stem cells and gene therapy

Synthetic biology

Systems biology

Tissue engineering

Wastewater treatment

Yeast and filamentous fungi


ECB 2018 Abstract Submission Instructions


Scientists from academia and industry are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations describing original research in any of the conference scientific topics. The scientific committee will select the type of contribution (oral or posters) based on the review of abstracts.

Guidelines and instructions:

In order to submit your abstract, please visit the Online Abstract Submission Form and follow the instructions to submit your abstract.


Please note that you will need to create an account in order to submit your abstract.

Please ensure that you follow the rules below when submitting your abstract:

  • The title of the abstract must be less than 20 words
  • The body of the abstract must be concise with less than 250 words. The abstract system will not accept abstracts that exceed 250 characters (body of the abstract).
  • Please ensure that you indicate the presenting author on the abstract. If the submitting author is also the presenting author then please mark this as the presenting author. If the submitting author is different please indicate both the submitting author and the presenting author
  • Standard abbreviations and SI units must be used. Non-standard abbreviations must be defined in full at their first appearance.
  • Abstracts must not contain any images or tables.
  • Careful typing and proofreading are essential, as otherwise the abstract may be amended or rejected.

The submission system allows for submitters to save and continue to work on the abstract later (by clicking on “Save as draft”) – if you choose this option you can log in and continue to work on the abstract at any point up to the abstract deadline. Please ensure that you have selected “submission” when you have completed the abstract and no further work is necessary.

Please note that all abstract presenters are required to register for the conference. Please ensure that they have registered no later than 5 May 2018 – if you have not registered by this date your abstract will be withdrawn.

You can register here.

Abstract Topics

A list of abstract topics can be found here

When is the submission deadline?

Submission deadline for Presentations: 1 April 2018

What happens once I submit my abstract?

  • Once the corresponding author has selected “submission”, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail confirming the successful submission of the abstract – all abstracts that have been submitted will be reviewed by the scientific committee and accepted for poster submission at regular intervals during the submission process.
  • Abstracts that have been submitted for oral presentation will be reviewed separately after the deadine. Notification that your abstract presentation has been accepted for oral presentation will be sent in April 2018.
  • Please note: Once your abstract has been accepted by the scientific committee, it is subject to payment of the registration fee for the meeting, otherwise your abstract will not be included. The deadline for registration for presenters is 5 May 2018. The ECB 2018 scientific committee will not allow delegates to present more than one abstract. You may submit more than one abstract but please ensure that these have different presenting authors.